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If you have any missing teeth or are due for a tooth extraction service soon, it is a good time to start exploring your options. Our wonderful team at Today's Dental Care can craft for you a specialized set of dentures for however many missing teeth you may have.

We want to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime. Dentures make a great replacement for any missing teeth and are extremely easy to care for. Here are some excellent tips to follow when caring for your dentures:

– Never use products on your dentures such as abrasive toothpaste or teeth-whitening treatments, as they can easily damage or decolorize the dentures.

– Disinfect your dentures daily, including soaking them in a denture solution or water. Brush your dentures daily with a nonabrasive cleaner that has been approved by your dentist.

– Plan regular exams with your dentist at Today's Dental Care.

– Soak or store your dentures whenever not in use. Ask your dentist for excellent storage methods.

– Be very careful when removing or inserting dentures as they can be slippery and easily damaged if dropped.

– To care for your dentures, always remove them after meals for a thorough cleaning.

– Before you insert your dentures or after you remove them, always be sure to wash your mouth safely and efficiently.

To schedule your checkup with Dr. Don Wyatt, Dr. Jeremiah Funk, or Dr. Doug Messick, please call us at 208-324-8861. We have offices conveniently located in Jerome, Buhl, Wendell, and Gooding Idaho. If you have any further questions regarding dentures or any general queries about your oral health, please call us today!