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If you have ever gone to a dentist, you probably know that you should brush your teeth and gums twice every day for two minutes. You might also know that you should set up checkups with us at least once every six months. Finally, you may have heard that flossing needs to be an important part of your dental care, but have you heard why?

Are you aware that keeping your teeth clean is important to the health of your mouth? If you don’t keep your teeth clean, you may have to deal with dental problems like cavities and tooth decay. However, did you know that you can develop decay or cavities in any part of your mouth? This means that if you keep missing a part of your smile when cleaning, it could lead to serious issues. This makes flossing vital to your oral health because you can’t safely clean certain parts of your mouth with your toothbrush. If you do, you might accidentally hurt your gums or your teeth. Fortunately, if you floss daily, you clean your mouth out more efficiently.

As you may know, you should floss correctly if you want to keep your smile healthy. For example, it’s important that you wash your hands before you floss to stop germs from spreading. Similarly, you should pull your floss up and down rather than back and forth. Still, while you might assume that flossing hard is important, you should actually be flossing gently. If you don’t, you could eventually damage your teeth and gums. Finally, please clean each tooth with a different section of floss.

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