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If you wish to keep your mouth free of gum disease and tooth decay, it’s important to keep the acid levels in your mouth to a minimum. Oftentimes, acids are produced by the foods we eat, so be sure to never eat snacks by themselves that can be acidic, but rather they should be consumed during meals to help neutralize the acidity of them. Saliva also has acid-neutralizing qualities that help to naturally combat the effects of acids on our teeth. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about acids in our mouths:

Question: What are the best ways to combat acidity in our mouths?
– Removing acids from our mouths includes removing their source, which is plaque. Effective oral health habits such as brushing and flossing are still the best daily remedies against plaque buildup. Other treatments may include using mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum.

Question: Which products are the worst for producing acids in our mouths?
– Sugary sweets, snacks, and drinks typically contain the most sugar and the most potential for acid creation. Of the different types of acids that can occur in our mouths, those stemming from sour sweets have a pH level so acidic it’s nearly the same as battery acid.

Question: How to acids form?
– Acids are generally introduced to our mouths in the form of other substances such as sugar. Harmful bacteria that exist in our mouths, often in the form of plaque, converts these substances into acids.

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