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The key to improving your oral health begins with tooth hazard prevention. Even though there are many treatments out there for a wide assortment of oral health ailments, it’s best to deal with any problematic situations before they even arise. However, in many cases, damage to our teeth and gums is done very quickly, so you must protect your mouth from any hazards that could come your way.

One traditional tooth hazard that everyone faces comes from the harmful ingredients in foods and drinks, specifically sugar. If possible, limit or eradicate sugar from your diet to help boost your oral health. Furthermore, limit sticky or chewy foods in your diet, as well as hard candies and tough or overly hard foods, as they can all pose severe hazards to your teeth and gums.

Unhealthy habits including smoking and chewing tobacco or using drugs, even recreational drugs, can severely inhibit your oral health and should be avoided whenever possible. In addition, if you play contact sports, always make sure to wear protective safety gear, including mouth guards and face masks. Another common hazard that should be circumvented is via the use of mouth jewelry, including lip and tongue rings. They are hazardous to your health because they can become choking hazards, lead to infections, slice your mouth open, or chip and crack your teeth.

Protect your smile so it can serve you well for a lifetime. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Today's Dental Care to see if you are a candidate for tooth hazard treatments, please call Dr. Don Wyatt and the rest of our team at our dentist office in Jerome, Idaho at 208-324-8861. We look forward to seeing you soon!