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For some people, a visit to the dentist is a walk in the park. Other people may regard a visit to the dentist’s office with anything from mild anxiety to genuine fear. While dental anxiety is all too real, it can keep a person from seeing the dentist for routine cleanings and examinations, and to have issues such as cavities and gum disease addressed.

If you struggle with a fear of the dentist, one of the best things that you can do is to talk with the dentist and his staff about your concerns. There are many ways that you and your dentist can work together to make your visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible. One of the ways your dentist can take some of the stress out of your procedure is through the use of nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide has been used by many dental practices for years. Not only is it safe and effective but many dentists prefer using nitrous oxide for sedating children. It is mixed with oxygen and delivered through a mask that has been placed over the nose. The gas will make you feel relaxed, but it will not leave you unconscious. If necessary, you will still be able to communicate with the dentist and his staff. The effects of the gas wear off within minutes after the gas has been removed. No recovery time is necessary and you can drive yourself home after your appointment.

If you have been avoiding the dentist because of anxiety, make time for a visit with our dentist, Dr. Don Wyatt for a consultation and to learn more about how we can make your procedure easier. If you would like to schedule an appointment at Today's Dental Care in Jerome, Idaho, call 208-324-8861 today.